Dr. Yumnam Jayanta Singh

Director at National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, Kolkata.

NIELIT, Kolkata


Email : y_jayanta[@]yahoo.com

Yumnam Jayanta Singh received Master and Ph.D in Computer Science from Dr. B.A.Marathwada University, Maharashtra(2000 and 2004 resply).

Currently is working as a Director at National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, Kolkata. http://nielit.gov.in/

He has worked as a Professor and Head (Dept.of Computer Sc.and Engineering and IT) School of Technology, Assam Don Bosco University (ADBU), Assam, India.

He has 15+ years combined expertise in Research, Teaching and management in Universities and Software industries. Prior to joining ADBU in 2012, he has worked with Swinburne University of Technology (AUS), Malaysia Campus, Misurata University with joint programs from Nottingham Trent University (UK), Skyline University (Dubai). He has worked with industries such as Keane Inc (India & Canada office) for Project from Phillip Moris (USA), TechMahindra (India) project from British Telecom (UK).

Over the years, his research has been funded by AICTE, Govt of India. He has published over fifty peer-reviewed papers, and has developed and taught several different graduate and Post graduate courses of Data Warehouse and Mining, Cloud Computing, Digital Image processing and Software Development practices. He is member of IEEE, ACM, IETE, IAENG, IACSIT, ASTED, IJET, EUROSIS etc. He serves as member of the Executive Committee, reviewer, editorial board of several reputed Journal and conference, as author of books. He has organized several talks and workshops.

  • Full Name

    Yumnam Jayanta Singh
  • Designation

    National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, Kolkata
  • Qualification

    Ph. D. ( Computer Science and Information Technology, Dr. B. Ambedkar Marathwada University, 2004 )
  • Area of Interest

    Distributed Real Time Database Management System, Data Warehousing and Data Mining, Software Engineering Practices and Digital Image Processing


  • 10+ years of teaching and R&D experience in both under graduate and post graduate level
    • Swinburne University of Technology(Australia), Kuching, Malaysia Campus
    • Misurata University (Misurata, Libya), for joint programs from Nottingham Trent University(UK))
    • Skyline University, (Sharjah/Dubai, UAE)
  • 5+ years of Industry experience
    • Keane Inc, (Canada and India center) as Senior Software Engineer
    • Tech Mahindra (Mumbai) as Senior Software Engineer
    • DVIIT, (Aurangabad, Maharashtra) as Software Engineer cum Q.A. Asst. Manager


  • AICTE sponsored project "In-house object detection system for visually impaired people", (2012-2016)
  • Research Scholarship from the Govt. of India and Maharashtra, (2001-2003)
  • Best Adviser-All International level Middle-East Project Challenge (E-Biz Challenge), Dubai, (2006)

Publications (Selected)

  • Journal/Conferences
  1. Esha Barlaskar, Yumnam Jayanta Singh and Biju Issac, "An Optimal Cuckoo Search for Virtual Machine Placement", International Journal of Grid and Utility Computing (Inderscience), 2016  (accepted) (@SCOPUS and @Web of Science)

  2. Esha Barlaskar, Yumnam Jayanta and Biju Issac, "Cluster-based modify firefly algorithm for virtual machine placement to optimize energy",  Multiagent and Grid Systems - An International Journal (IOS Press),  Volume 12, issue 3, 2016 ((@SCOPUS and @ Web of Science).

  3. Nissi Paul, and  Yumnam Jayanta Singh, "Tri-level Unified Framework for Human Gait", pp28-41, ADBU Journal of Engineering Technology (AJET) (ADBU J.Engg.Tech), V4, March 2016, ISSN: 23487305

  4. Shahid Zaman, Zenith Azim, Biplab Kumar Ray, and  Yumnam Jayanta, "Local suggestive SQL engine ", pp23-27, ADBU J.Engg.Tech, V4,March 2016, ISSN: 23487305

  5. RK.Bidyalakshmi, R.Laishram, Y.Jayanta Singh, “Modelling Objects Using Kernel Principal Component Analysis” ADBU J.Engg.Tech.,2(1)(2015) 0021102(5pp), ISSN: 23487305, (June2015)

  6. Shahid Zaman, Zenith Azim, Biplab Kumar Ray, Y. Jayanta Singh, Advantages of a new Evolutionary Prototype Classification for handling large datasets' I3CS'15, Shillong, 9th-10th April, 2015, (@IGI Publication, USA)

  7. Smriti Priya Medhi, Subrata Sinha, Y. Jayanta Singh, A Competence Based Load Balancing Algorithm for HPC Enabled Bioinformatics Applications, Procedia Computer Science, ISBN:9789351072447 (August2014)  (@SCOPUS)

  8. Y. Jayanta Singh, and L. Kananbala Devi. "Study on potential capabilities of a NoDB system.",  International Journal on Information Theory (IJIT), Vol.3(3), ISSN:2319-7609(O), pp83-93,(July 2014), (@EBSCO)

  9. S. Nissi Paul, Y. Jayanta Singh, Survey on Video Analysis of Human Walking Motion, International Journal of Signal Processing, Image Processing and Pattern Recognition, Vol:7(3), ISSN: 2005-4254,  pp:99-122, (June2014), (@EI Compendex)

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  12. BidyaLaxmi Devi, Y. Jayanta Singh, "Object detection using KPCA", Poster at National Conference on Emerging Global Trends in Engineering and Technology, Guwahati, India (March 2014) (2nd Best poster award)

  13. Debashree Devi, Y. Jayanta Singh, "A Modified Genetic Algorithm based Load Distribution Approach towards, Web Hotspot rescue",  ACEEE's Lecture Series of Computer Science International, p9-19, ISSN:2214-1464,  (Oct,2013) (@ACEEE's Lecture Series)

  14. Y. Jayanta Singh, Shalu Gupta, ‘Speedy object detection based on shape and scale’, International Journal of Multimedia & Its Applications (IJMA), Vol.5, No.3, ISSN:0975-5578(Online),0975-5934(print),pp15-23, (June2013), (@ERA-Australia)

  15. P.P Borah, G. Talukdar, Y. Jayanta Singh, ”Comparison of String matching algorithms-Boyer-Moore algorithm and Brute-Force algorithm”, Indian Journal of Science and Technology, ISSN:0974-6846, V6(S3) (Special Issue),, pp176-182, (March2013) (@SCOPUS and @Web of Science)

  16. Vijay Prasad, Y. Jayanta Singh, “A study on structural method of feature extraction for Handwritten Character Recognition”, and Indian Journal of Science and Technology, ISSN:0974-6846, Vol6, IssueS3 (Special Issue), pp174-178 (March2013), (@SCOPUS and @Web of Science)

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  19. Y. Jayanta Singh, Hasan Al-Saedy, S C Mehrotra, "A Study on Transaction Scheduling in a Real-Time Distributed System" Features eBritain Spring 2011, UK, Internal Journal of. British Institute of Technology & E-commerce, Avicenna House, London, UK, Issue6, ISSN 1755-7200, (2011)

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  31. Y. Jayanta Singh, and S.C. Mehrotra, “Management of Atomicity in Worst Possible Environment”,  Library Progress (International),(@ UGC Journal List) (ISSN:0970-1052),2002, 22(1)

  • Academic Books:
  1. Y. Jayanta Singh and S.C. Mehrotra, entitled "Simulation Modeling using GPSS World", Edition-2004. (Sponsor by University Publication Grant (@UGC-Govt of India, New Delhi).
  2. Y. Jayanta Singh, Bobby Sharma, Gypsy Nandi, Rupam Sharma, Fundamentals of Web Application project, 2016, ISBN 978-93-80247-32-8 (Assam Book Hive)

Professional Memberships

  • The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  • International Association of Engineers (IAENG)
  • International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology (IACSIT)
  • International Association of Science and Technology for Development (IASTED)
  • The European Multidisciplinary Society for Modeling, Simulation Technology (EUROSIS)
  • Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Telecommunications (IETE)


  1. 2011-2012:     Malaysia                        (Employment)
  2. 2011:               Bangkok(Thailand)       (Tour)
  3. 2012:              Indonesia                       (Conference)
  4. 2008-2010:   Libya (North Africa)     (Employment)
  5. 2009:             Singapore                      (Conference)
  6. 2007-2008:   Halifax (Canada)          (Employment)
  7. 2007:              Frankfurt (Germany)  (Tour)
  8. 2006:             Egypt                             (Conference)
  9. 2006:              Athens (Greece)         (Conference)
  10. 2004-2006:   Dubai (UAE)                 (Employment)